“The Biggest Day of Their Life…”

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“Playing Mother Hen”

Steffany Bozeman

“I love love, and it shows” is what any woman wants to hear from the second most important person on her single most important day of her life. This statement, this quality, beams from one of Tampa Florida’s most talented wedding planners around, Tara Tulle. As I sat and chat with her over coffee about what it truly takes to become a renowned wedding planner, I learned that performing the tasks of organizing for what is all of one day for most, isn’t the only hat worn during the big show.

“I always knew I would be in the wedding and event planning industry” says Tulle as she sipped her grande mocha peppermint cappuccino topped with froth and caramel. “It started very young. Actually in highschool I was the class president and student government president so I planned the homecomings. I planned all of the proms, just me and a couple of people that I found who would listen to what I say,” she mentioned.Learning this told me that wedding planning not only came effortlessly to Tulle, but it was more of a personal attribution that she’d developed and it was imbedded in her personality. She said “Planning just came very naturally.”

Tulle shared how growing up, her friends would always refer to her as the “Mother Hen” because she was always taking care of everyone. Tulle grew up in East Smyrna which is a very close nit community. She refered back to her young adult life in her home town saying how small it was and mentions “Everybody got married very early, so before I even moved to Tampa for college, I already had 10 weddings under my belt.”

Tulle was raised with four siblings, so being the middle of five children with the youngest two significantly younger, she was a natural nurturer. She tells “I’m empathetic to a fault” therefore taking on the role of the towns wedding planner was one hat she was oh so comfortable with wearing. The instinct and giving qualities of Tulle’s personality placed her into the perfect fit of a profession and with that, she decided to take her talents into business.

So I ask, what does it truly take to become a successful wedding planner?

What is your most important role in that big day, and Tulle assured me that “Brides look for you to hold their hand.” She stressed that “this is the biggest day of their life” and in knowing this she had to utilize her talents to make someone else’s day a dream come true. Tulle has shared her life in marriage with her best friend thus far for almost ten years and shares that her experience as a bride matured her outlook as a business woman for the best. She mentioned “You don’t really really get it until you’re in their shoes.” This is where Tulle received a lot of her developed outlook on her job as the hired “Mother Hen” of that bride’s day. She lists the essentials of a great wedding planner as, “1. They will be sympathetic to their bride 2. They will need to understand a bride 3. They will need to see the other perspective.”

The three qualities mentioned by Tulle were developed overtime with life and it’s changes in her life. Tulle explained “Only until I had my child, did I have this huge epiphany.” Over the course of her life after college, she gained a plethora of experience through working as an event coordinator for corporate companies and mentions that she found her creativity through those events because of the ability to play with the event’s budget a bit more, but after it was all said and done, Tulle’s heart lies in her private business… with weddings. She says “Imma Hopeless Romantic, what can I say.”

From this interview I took that a wedding planner is not just an employee for a day or two. She is your rock in a hard place. Tulle says “You must play Switzerland and deal with emotions. You have to be flexible and handle the bridal party, the family, the bride, and all of their opinions.” She says “Brides forget why the day is happening” and as every brides wedding planner, it is important to juggle, be a nurturer, be organized, and to ask the right questions to keep them in their moment. “This is the biggest day of their life” Tulle stresses, and it is only right that it be a memorable one.


Practice makes Perfect

Interviewing 101:

The Pre-Game


I spoke about the difficulties of wedding planning and the stressors that the Bride as well as Planner could potentially face. The importance of this is prevalent to the development of my interview’s story and is exactly what I built my preparation around. Identifying specifically what those stressors could be. This wasn’t hard as I am a bride to be myself and the mere thought of planning my big day throws a curve ball at the pit of my stomach. During this pregame time, I focused my research around the major question: Does size really matter?

Every girl’s dream is to have this grand event with every friend she’s ever owned (or known), every critic, so on and so forth at this slapping event… But does that add additional stress with a larger number of attendees or is the planning all the same? Keeping up with detail and demand is the job of my wedding planner, Tara, and adding to the amount of spectators may or may not up the annie? During this prep time, I’ve taken it upon myself to jump into the brides shoes and imagine how downsizing or adding to my wedding’a guest count could change things. Will it make a difference at all?

I plan to piggy back off of some of the research I gathered in taking on a bride’s shoes. I want to ask Tara what she’s found works best during her experience in wedding planning, what personal characteristics are needed in keeping the calm, the flow, and the elegance of the evening? I plan to find out whether things such as quantity will in fact effect the quality of the experience.

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A Princess to Be

Assignment 3:


So as you scroll through news updates on various applications on your phone, or in your local newspaper, or even the latest gossip magazine, you skim searching for key points in the writers’ story that will seduce you to read more (or at least I do). For spectators out there as myself, it is important to “wow” at hello to gain his or her attention out the gait. With this encloses the stories’ main lead, hook, and thesis sentences. I intend on interviewing a woman that plays almost the most important role in the average American young lady’s life. Someone who sets the tone for the most fathomable memories of someone’s time! A woman who endures the weight of a combat soldier, out at war, limping away to his rescue helicopter as he carries his troops leader who also survived such tragedies (wait, too much)… but you get the gist. My seasonal instructor Tara, the wedding planner is my interviewee. With this interview I plan to question her on the following:

  1. Are you a super hero? (ice braker)
  2. Tell me, with all the careers to choose, even those in the event planning spectrum, what made you commit to Wedding Planning?
  3. As a young girl (pre adult) how would you describe your personality characteristics?
  4. Did you grow up with siblings at home?
  5. With those siblings, who was the mother hen?
  6. Once you started in the wedding planning business, which personality characteristics of your own did you find critical to maximize on when working with brides?
  7. I know most people who enjoy their career choice enjoy what they do, but is this something you’d always planned to do and is it has generative as you wanted?
  8. Are you married?
  9. With the experience of working with brides beforehand, how would you describe your experience as a bride?
  10. What will it take for you to feel you have mastered your craft?

With these ten questions, I plan to piggyback on some of her answers in hopes of gaining a lead to a great story.  I plan to take my interview into one key direction and that is what it takes to stand in that important role for a bride to be. My lead, hook, and thesis statement will most likely go as follows:

Being a princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I mean, the endless expectation of perfection, countless eyes awaiting to spectate, and lets not get into the grand ball that EVERYONE is counting on attending. How is one girl to handle the menu that has to include a hearty meat paired with a starch and green leafy side dish to be prim and proper to please mom, or the classical (or secular) music selection that Aunt Barbra expects to be playing so that her plan to hook up cousin Danielle with Jeremy’s sister’s bestfriend on the dancefloor will happen seamlessly, or the perfect top shelf bar that will please Uncle Ray but not offset Deb’s urge to strip in the middle of the dinning hall that lets not forget to mention cost almost half of what this princess already owes in student loans. Being a princess can become almost too much to handle unless there is henchman in order to take over. There is a sidekick need and in effect at all time, a wedding planner to be more specific. Tara has proven that being a wedding planner is so much more important than we could ever imagine and having the right personality for the job, the right tools, is that much more needed.

My ideal Interview

Is “High-in Fashion” all its cracked up to be??

neiman marcus  Kimberley Macaluso is the District Manager for the Neiman Marcus store of International Plaza located right here in our very own Tampa, Florida. I know this because I service her every six weeks with either a root touch-up, highlights, layers, or face framing. She is my client, I am her hair stylist and I am her biggest fan… yet she doesn’t know it. Kim is an extraordinary woman that effortlessly lightens up my day. She’s one of my favorite clients of all, one I can say I truly admire.

I met Kim about a year ago when she walked into my salon, Regis Salon, in International Plaza and she requested a hair cut. Since then, I have had the pleasure of meeting once every month in a half or so with her over hair color bowls. Through off the record conversation, I have learned that her journey to becoming DM (district manager) of Tampa’s Neiman Marcus store was no ordinary one. I would love to be able to share her story with you, directly from the source, through a one on one sit down interview.

If Kim agrees to meet with me, some of the questions I want addressed is: How in the heck did you get here? Is this something that you knew as a young girl you were always interested in? Has it been as fulfilling as I would imagine it to be? I basically want an understanding on how it is on the back end of such a large company and is the journey to where she is today something that is sought after by the average student or is it more of a stumbled upon career. If I in fact get the opportunity to address these inquiries with her, you will be the first to learn of it. Hopefully that will come soon, until then… Wish me Luck!!

The Simplicity of Sexy


Soft & suttle, right on time… Sexy in lace, mine o mine! Lace has proven its prevalence once again and this time from head to toe. I absolutely adore this flattering maxi lace gown that can be dressed up for any formal occasion with the right chignon up do or braided ensemble, or down with soft curls and a French polished pedicure. This dress (I would imagine) would accent any skin complexion to the utmost and bring a twinkle to any man’s eye to see his lady laced in THIS lace. The brilliancy of the elastic cinched waist creates an illusion resembling an hour glass and the soft finish flaking across the bosom teases the eye giving off a sensual glare of innocence and purity. This dress eludes appeal, securing the eye of every woman & man and is to be worn only by the most confident. In lace, all can be conquered, and this dress is that to prove it. #stylesbysteffany #simplicity #easedbybeauty

The #ClearTheShoulders Movement

thebeautydept clear the shoulders

Short is in, make your appointment now with stylesbysteffany at stylesbysteffany@gmail.com or 313-693-8025

Keira Lennox

Kristin Ess, co-founder of TheBeautyDepartment.com and hairstylist to the stars, sparked a revolution when she snipped Lauren Conrad’s signature long locks into an above-the-shoulders textured bob last season. Then she cropped Lucy Hale. Now Instagram is blowing up with a hashtag devoted to all the brave ladies doing the chop: #cleartheshoulders.

They all look effortlessly cool and perfectly tousled… And I’m over here like, “I’ma do it!

But I’m not gonna do it. Not just yet.

I had short hair through most of my teens and twenties, and loved it; but it was a lot of work. That effortless look actually takes, um, effort: daily washing and styling, regular salon visits for trims (think every 4-6 weeks in your stylist’s chair) and really good product.

If you want something fresh and don’t mind the maintenance, chop away! But here are a few things to keep in mind before…

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Small Space Interior Design: Be Bold on Those Walls


By Celerie Kemble

I feel that walls and furniture placement (more on that tomorrow) are key in small spaces. A lot of people are fearful to go dark in a smaller room or apartment, but I figure you only have a small amount of square footage on this earth you should make it count. I use up every square bit of wall space in a miniature home for boldness and character.
Wallpapers and dark saturated paint tones are my favorite statements to make on the walls in smaller spaces.

I would go so far as to use black in small spaces, it looks so infinite. And paired with a stylish mirror arrangement. POW!

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Interior Design by Janelle Beals

Design by Dufner Heighes inc

Design by Tara Seawright
People are successful with one wall of paper in a smallish space, I say go for the entire room…

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